If you have any questions regarding auto leasing to Queens Car Lease, clear them right away. Making a deal while lacking knowledge is dangerous and stupid. It increases the risk of you being fooled by the frauds in the industry. It is best to stay informed since it will definitely reduce the risk of being fooled – especially if you are newbie. Stated below are some questions that most of our previous and current clients ask on a regular basis:

Which is Better – Buying or Leasing?

To be honest, the answer depends on various factors. These include your financial position, vehicle preference, driving personality, etc. For example, if you have the sufficient capital to fund the car, you can directly make a purchase. But if you don’t, an auto lease would be the smarter option. In order to make an accurate choice, use a lease calculator. This will give a more accurate analysis of the financial situation and will help you to make a smarter choice.

How do I End My Lease Early?

A usual contract cannot be terminated before the due date arrives. But during inevitable situations, the contract can be altered to support the customer. Through our early lease termination deal, you can minimize your costs and headaches to a great degree. There is no need for you to fill pages and pages of paperwork and pay high compensation costs to us. You might terminate your lease for various reasons such as sudden migration or even because you are unsatisfied with our services (unlikely). Regardless of the reason, you will be relieved from the contract as soon as possible – even if it means that we will be at loss.

Can I Lease a Used Car

Leasing is usually restricted to brand new cars. This decision has been made for various reasons. For instance, leasing a second-hand car can affect the vehicle’s residual value and can increase the financial rates since it is hard to make accurate calculations. But in some cases, people do lease used luxury automobiles since they are cheaper than brand new ones. It is possible for you to get a second-hand car by getting a lease transfer. But the thing is, the car might not be of your choice since the deal would have been customized according to the previous owner’s preference. Another reason why you should steer clear of used cars is the maintenance costs that come with it. Some cars may appear to be in mint condition only for you to realize later that it has multiple latent issues.

What Are My End of Lease Options

There are three options that you can choose from. You can return your car and move on to purchase a car from another company. You can also consider a lease transfer through us where you can acquire another car without having to pay a termination fee or you can lease a new car. If you want to know more about end of lease options at Queens Car Lease, call us on 718-393-5551.